[mythtv] Recordings List oddities

Kenneth Padgett kenneth.padgett at gmail.com
Fri May 5 03:42:48 UTC 2006

Sorry to chime into this thread 2 months later, but I've noticed this
same problem and was wondering if it has been fixed or if a ticket is
open. Here's the three main issues I've noticed with recordings
starting while Myth is tuned to live TV. I'm running 0.19.1 from RPM.

To prerequisite, the times I've noticed these things happening, MythTV
was left on live TV and the recordings started unattended (prompting
with the popup and then changing channels by itself if needed):

1. If you "exit" the live TV while it's recording, the recording for
that item shows the time as the full time of the show and is not red
like normal. It does continue recording.

2. The recorded show isn't put into it's appropriate Filter. I have a
special group for some shows (to password protect them) and under the
above circumstances (began from live tv, exited to menu while
recording), the show drops into the Default filter instead of the one
it's assigned by the recording schedule.

3. Under some yet to be determined circumstance, I am seeing shows
getting "left" in the Live TV filter even though there is indeed a
recording schedule for that show. I know this problem correlates to
the live TV being on at the time, and I think it's when shows are back
to back, for instance "Friends" at 7p and 7:30p, the 7:30p one will
end up in LiveTV filter if the first one began recording while it was
in live tv or something similar. I'm still trying to reproduce with
repetition on this one.

I tried searching for an TRAC ticket on these, but I had no luck.
Should I create one?


On 2/7/06, Steven Adeff <adeffs.mythtv at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've noticed this over the last few days (couple different SVN's) as
> I've made some partial recordings. The start time shows the correct
> time when the show began recording but the end time shows the end time
> for the program, not the time at which the recording stopped.
> also, I've noticed that sometimes when a show starts recording from
> the LiveTV state it won't always show up as red in the watch
> recordings list even though it does appear to still be recording.
> anyone else seeing these?
> --
> Steve
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