[mythtv] Progress on non-fading OSD on XVMC-VLD

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Thu May 4 00:15:23 UTC 2006


I've made some entirely coincidental progress on fixing the non-fade of
OSD issue on XVMC. Don't ask me why it is, I'm just glad it works.

I'm using an Epia SP13000 system which is based on the CN400 chipset so
its a XVMC-VLD system. As far as I knew, it doesn't support the
ChromaKeyOSD fix and that was certainly the case when I was running it in
16 bit mode.

A fix for running NoScale mode on the TV-Out was posted recently to the
OpenChrome list that uses a ViewPort offset to presumable fixup a sync
issue with running NoScale in 24 bit mode.

>  SubSection "Display"
>                 Depth          24
>                 Modes          "720x576Noscale"
>                 Virtual        722 576 #This is slightly wider
>                 ViewPort       2 0 #This tells xorg to start displaying 2
>  pixels from the left
>  EndSubSection

Having applied this fix to improve the overall colour resolution, note my
surprise when I realised that the OSD was now in colour.

Not only that, but the OSD fades correctly now without leaving a
'watermark' behind that required multiple key presses to get rid of.

Now if I can only get the Internal DVD player working....

Logs of mythfrontend -v all can be made available if required with the
display in 16 and 24 bit modes to see if this highlights any problems in
the OSD fade routines.

Robin Gilks

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