[mythtv] Progress on non-fading OSD on XVMC-VLD

Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Thu May 4 07:38:05 UTC 2006

Robin Gilks wrote:
> Greetings
> I've made some entirely coincidental progress on fixing the non-fade of
> OSD issue on XVMC. Don't ask me why it is, I'm just glad it works.
> I'm using an Epia SP13000 system which is based on the CN400 chipset so
> its a XVMC-VLD system. As far as I knew, it doesn't support the
> ChromaKeyOSD fix and that was certainly the case when I was running it in
> 16 bit mode.
> A fix for running NoScale mode on the TV-Out was posted recently to the
> OpenChrome list that uses a ViewPort offset to presumable fixup a sync
> issue with running NoScale in 24 bit mode.
>>  SubSection "Display"
>>                 Depth          24
>>                 Modes          "720x576Noscale"
>>                 Virtual        722 576 #This is slightly wider
>>                 ViewPort       2 0 #This tells xorg to start displaying 2
>>  pixels from the left
>>  EndSubSection
> Having applied this fix to improve the overall colour resolution, note my
> surprise when I realised that the OSD was now in colour.
> Not only that, but the OSD fades correctly now without leaving a
> 'watermark' behind that required multiple key presses to get rid of.
> Now if I can only get the Internal DVD player working....
> Logs of mythfrontend -v all can be made available if required with the
> display in 16 and 24 bit modes to see if this highlights any problems in
> the OSD fade routines.

I'm pretty sure XVMC only works on resolutions which are a 
multiple of 16 - So all you might have done is disabled XVMC.



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