[mythtv] Recording/scheduling thread dying?

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Tue May 2 06:27:11 UTC 2006

>>> Has anyone else noticed their backend stopping recording scheduled
>>> programs after running for a while?  Also failing to respond to
>>> changes in the schedule, so e.g. setting a program to record does not
>>> highlight it in the guide or enter into the list of scheduled
>>> programs seen by the frontend.  Restarting mythbackend resumes normal
>>> behaviour, starting recording properly and displaying schedule
>>> changes.  Anyone any ideas?
>>> I'm seeing this in svn 9799, but this has been happening in head
>>> versions for about two weeks.
> Are you all using MySQL 5?

No, MySQL 4 (version that comes with FC4). Recording has worked reliably 
for months when using different SVN version. This problem has started to 
appear just recently.

Because most of the stuff works, you only notice this when recording 
does not actually get recorded. Full backend crash would be easier to 
detect and do the restart :)

This thread death / starvation or what ever happens only every now and 
then. It hasn't occurred with latest SVN build, but that does not mean 
it's not there..

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