[mythtv] MythTV & lirc

Ryan Duffy duffsteur at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 26 12:44:22 UTC 2006

> Has anyone noticed that with MythTV, under certain conditions, button
> presses are doubled? This is to weird I fail to understand what's going
> on. Here's my test:

I have exactly this problem as well. It never happened with versions
before 0.19.

For me, it has this pattern:

start mythfrontend, everything works fine. Watch liveTV or a recording,
exit out back to the menus and every button press is doubled so it is
virtually impossible to navigate through the menus. This happens with
both keyboard and remote.

If I exit out of mythfrontend and start it up again, it works fine until
I watch TV again.

> Now, I've tried using Myth's built-in lirc support as well as disabling
> that and using strictly irxevent - both have the same effect. I've tried
> cutting down my .lircrc file to bare minimum - same thing. I've
> revisited lircd.conf several times - never found anything. This problem
> happens NOWHERE in any other X apps I use but Myth.

I also suspect that lirc has something to do with it, as I'm not sure
mine is set up correctly.
But that doesn't explain why watching TV causes the problem to occur.

Its very annoying!

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