[mythtv] MYTH_PROTO_VERSION Problem

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 19:44:02 UTC 2006

On 14/07/06, ianbonham at Shadowfire.homelinux.com
<ianbonham at shadowfire.homelinux.com> wrote:
> Hi Tom,
> Thanks for the reply. I installed Myth usnig the ATRpms site, through Yum.
> I checked the things you mentioned, and the backend is up. The versions I'm using are :
> mythtv-backend.i386                      0.19-129.rhfc5.at
> mythtv.i386                              0.19-129.rhfc5.at
> Which looks ok to me?
> Anything else I could check, or just remove Myth using Yum and compile from sources?


If you do decide to uninstall the MythTV RPMs and compile from source,
you may want to run

# rpm -qa | grep myth | xargs rpm -e

instead. If you use yum to remove mythtv-suite, it will likely remove
much more than just MythTV. You may also want to look at the newer
smart package manager, which is reportedly better at dependency
resolution than yum. smart and smart-gui are both available from


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