[mythtv] MYTH_PROTO_VERSION Problem

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Jul 14 19:33:42 UTC 2006

On 07/14/2006 02:22 PM, ianbonham at Shadowfire.homelinux.com wrote:
>> ianbonham at Shadowfire.homelinux.com wrote:
>>> Can anyone please please tell me what would cause this response :
>>> Unexpected response to MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 'MYTH_PROTO_VERSION 26':
>>> I am trying to track down what has triggered this on my FC5 install. Myth has just died totally, and I get that response from MythWeb >and also see it in the shell when running Mythfrontend from the shell. Nothing really in the ogs to help either.
>> Is the backend running? You will get this from MythWeb if the backend is
>> down. The frontend should just say that the master is not available. Or
>> the frontend/mythweb versions are different from the backend. Could be a
>> few other things, but verify that the frontend, backend and mythweb are
>> all the same version, and that the backend is running.
> Thanks for the reply. I installed Myth usnig the ATRpms site, through Yum. 
> I checked the things you mentioned, and the backend is up. The versions I'm using are :
> mythtv-backend.i386                      0.19-129.rhfc5.at
> mythtv.i386                              0.19-129.rhfc5.at
> Which looks ok to me? 
> Anything else I could check, or just remove Myth using Yum and compile from sources?

IIRC, some people reported having leaking resources that resulted in 
this problem.  If so, a reboot will allow you to reconnect...  (Although 
I never experienced the issue myself--so I can't vouch for the 
cause/solution--you might want to give it a try.)


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