[mythtv] A couple of questions about mythtv 0.19

Hamish hamish at travellingkiwi.com
Tue Jul 11 17:11:38 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 15:13, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> On 07/11/2006 05:29 AM, Hamish Marson wrote:
> > Michael T. Dean wrote:
> >> On 07/10/2006 04:37 PM, Hamish wrote:
> >>> 4. Why do I get duplicate recordings? I thought it was designed
> >>> to record one showing of a program. Yet things like Dr Who, which
> >>> is repeated, when set to record any time any channel gets EVERY
> >>> repeated episode. Same for channels like ABC, Sky3 etc which may
> >>> repeat the same thing 3 times in a single day. I get all 3 runs
> >>> of it.
> >>
> >> You didn't set the duplicate-matching policy or there are actually
> >>  differences in the episode titles (subtitles) and/or descriptions
> >> or ...
> >
> > Well... There's no difference between the episodes that the listings
> > show on the recorded programs. Maybe it's checking something else.
> > I'll see if I can find what.
> Probably programid. It's possible you are getting invalid values from
> EIT or your DB schema is broken (i.e. wrong length for the programid
> field).  For example, see
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/180855#180855 (and the
> rest of the posts in the thread) .

OK. Thanks.

> >>> 7. Is there any way to resize the playback on the fly?
> >>
> >> It always does.  It should scale to full-screen or full-window or
> >> whatever size is appropriate for your playback settings.
> >
> > Ah no... I don't think we're talking about the same thing. I run
> > mythtv on the same monitor as that I'm working on. I'd like to resize
> > on the fly. e.g. as the program is being shown, switch full-screen &
> > windowed etc. To change mythtv I have to go into the settings, run
> > through multiple selections etc... What I'd really really like is
> > dragging the window corner. Resize on the fly. Unless there's
> > something I'm missing and you can set mythtv up to do that?
> Right.  I didn't understand the question.  The answer to the question
> should be, "No," then.  Myth doesn't support resizing by dragging like a
> desktop application.

'Like a desktop application'? Does that mean the mythfrontend isn't considered 
to be a desktop application? Now I'm really confused... Do you mean that you 
only consider mythtv should be used in the manner of an appliance? WIth 
always full screen, no keyboard, remote control style? (That would be why I 
get so frustrated with it then, if it's designed not to work on the desktop).

BTW... I found why the stop/start was happening... In a word DRI. WHy? I have 
no idea, unless you can think of a reason why DRI (XOrg r300 drivers from 
CVS/git on a saphire radeon X550) would cause the pausing.

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