[mythtv] MythWeb and DVB-EIT

Christian Höhle Christian at FamilieHoehle.de
Wed Jul 5 10:41:15 UTC 2006


DVB-EIT seems to read strange dates from some channels (dates far in the
future or past). Maybe the channels are sending wrong time info.
However, the more different days there are in the program table, the
longer the date list box gets. For now, a program listing page saved as
html takes around 2.2MB :-| I limited those date combo box entries to 3
days in the past and 10 days in future which resulted in only 0,24MB per
page and MUCH faster loading times ;-)

What about introducing these limits to mythweb? Where would be the right
place to make those limits configurable?


Christian Höhle

URL:   http://Christian.FamilieHoehle.de
eMail: Christian at FamilieHoehle.de

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