[mythtv] MythWeb and DVB-EIT

Otto Kolsi otto at kolsi.fi
Wed Jul 5 12:23:49 UTC 2006

> DVB-EIT seems to read strange dates from some channels (dates far in the
> future or past). Maybe the channels are sending wrong time info.
> However, the more different days there are in the program table, the
> longer the date list box gets. For now, a program listing page saved as
> html takes around 2.2MB :-| I limited those date combo box entries to 3
> days in the past and 10 days in future which resulted in only 0,24MB per
> page and MUCH faster loading times ;-)
> What about introducing these limits to mythweb? Where would be the right
> place to make those limits configurable?

This would be nice. I've "suffered" from this same problem last weeks 
and months due to the #1888 bug.

Frontend doesn't seem to be affected by these bogus dates, it would be 
nice if MythWeb would have these limits that you propose.

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