[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1147: permissions problem -> coredump

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Tue Jan 31 19:54:17 UTC 2006

>  Even then I can't agree with your when you move milestone from 0.19 to
>  0.20 and let this problem open in 0.19. Segmentation fault type crash is a
>  coding problem and should be always fixed ASAP IMHO. This kind of coding
>  style is very dangerous, specially when you write code that works in
>  network (even if the network is somehow closed).

Yes, this is an unfortunate thing in MythTV. There are umpteens of
functions calls where the return value is never checked, it is just
assumed that everything is OK. (For example look at all the calls to
InitCon() and the handling of the returned database pointer after
This style is bound to create unnecessary bugs and crashes. 

Three cheers for defensive programming. ;-)


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