[mythtv] Watch Recordings Screen wierdness

Darius Hardy darius at sephs.no-ip.info
Mon Jan 30 21:29:22 UTC 2006

Tom Lichti wrote:
> Stuart Morgan wrote:
>> I've noticed in the last week some very strange behaviour in the Watch 
>> Recordings screen using current SVN.
>> I have it arranged by category and whilst scrolling down the programmes in the 
>> 'film' category it suddenly 'jumped' to the first programme in the 'Leisure & 
>> Hobbies' category. I can't reproduce this consistently but it happens most 
>> times I'm browsing the list.
>> I've seen similar but not exactly the same behaviour on my other myth box. In 
>> this case when exiting the 'Edit Recording Schedule' for a particular 
>> recording, it jumps as before to a different recording in another category. 
>> Both were built from 8763 and I ran make clean & make distclean beforehand.
>> I've searched through the changes made to plabackbox but can't see anything 
>> obvious myself. I'm just checking here before opening a ticket.
> I've seen this too in the last few weeks. Sometimes it will skip from 
> 'Corner Gas' into 'Drag Racing' (missing a couple of shows in between). 
> It isn't consistent, that I can tell, but it did do it yesterday, so 
> it's still happening with relatively current SVN (I rebuild almost 
> daily). It is consistent in that it ONLY ever happens with those two 
> shows. When it skips, it always goes from Corner Gas to Drag Racing. My 
> builds are all debug builds now, what could I log to help figure this out?

I've had this too for a few weeks. It always skips from Charmed to 
whatever is two shows below. Never for any other shows, and never if I'm 
viewing by genre. I wondered if it was because Charmed has loads of 
episodes (40+) but I've looked through the code several times and can't 
for the life of me see anything that could be causing it.
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