[mythtv] #1058 - what now?

Ivor Hewitt ivor at ivor.org
Fri Jan 27 12:26:38 UTC 2006

On Friday 27 January 2006 12:24, Buzz wrote:
> > You apparently can't display 1080i with Xv and whatever video
> > card/driver you're using.  There's nothing left in Myth to "fix".
> >
> > Isaac
> Given that the MS windows software that comes with my DVB-T card works just
> fine (by scaling the display output to either a selected resolution, or
> "full screen" - which is the largest scaling that can be fitted in my
> display resolution without cropping), I would have thought that there was
> an equivalent in Myth...since Myth is otherwise superior in just about
> every aspect.
> How do others cope when part of their display chain can't directly play
> (1080i)1920x1080 resolution, (or other big resolutions)?, but they still
> want to use HD?
> My video card will quite happily do 1920x1200, but my LCD only does
> 1280x1024, is that what's failing me?
What resolution are you running linux at?
Does mplayer playback 1920x1080 with Xv?

Ivor Hewitt.

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