[mythtv] #1058 - what now?

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Fri Jan 27 12:24:31 UTC 2006

> You apparently can't display 1080i with Xv and whatever video 
> card/driver you're using.  There's nothing left in Myth to "fix".
> Isaac

Given that the MS windows software that comes with my DVB-T card works just
fine (by scaling the display output to either a selected resolution, or
"full screen" - which is the largest scaling that can be fitted in my
display resolution without cropping), I would have thought that there was an
equivalent in Myth...since Myth is otherwise superior in just about every

How do others cope when part of their display chain can't directly play
(1080i)1920x1080 resolution, (or other big resolutions)?, but they still
want to use HD?

My video card will quite happily do 1920x1200, but my LCD only does
1280x1024, is that what's failing me?


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