[mythtv] unable to tune to scanner-found channels anymore

Michael Freeman mlfreeman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 02:15:16 UTC 2006

i just noticed that i can't tune to scanner-found QAM channels anymore.
mythfrontend won't let me put in a # sign...even though that's what the
scanner puts in the channum.
so for instance, if myth finds two program streams on ch 73, it'll add them
as 73#0 and 73#1 to the DB, yet, when i try to type in 73#0, an underscore
appears between the 7 and the 3 and the pound sign seems to clear things
out...the 0 appears on its own as if i suddenly changed my mind and decided
to tune into ch 0.

any comments on this? don't tell me i should just go set up the channel
mappings...can't do that until i can tune through the scanner's findings
long enough to see what the hell is out there (unless someone can point me
in the direction of a cheap QPSK receiver capable of picking up a signal
somewhere between 70 and 140 MHz...then i could *try* adding support for
SCTE65 [out-of-band cable channel mapping and program guide data]).
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