[mythtv] [mythtv-commits] Ticket #1108: Frontend crashes when switching to a channel with 5C protection on Firewire

Wylie Swanson wylie.swanson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 22:36:58 UTC 2006

On 1/26/06, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 January 2006 23:21, Ian Forde wrote:
> > On Wed, 2006-01-25 at 15:32 -0800, zoiks2004-ivtv at yahoo.com wrote:
> > > Is this related to trac items #1100 and #1103?  (Which
> > > I think are redundant with each other, but reporters
> > > complain that glitches in the stream freeze the
> > > frontend.)  If so, can the approach to this be
> > > broadened to just generally prevent mfe hangs when a
> > > stream has problems?  IMHO a 5C-encrypted stream could
> > > be considered a subset of bum streams, and should be
> > > handled more gracefully by myth.
> >
> > I'm the reporter of 1103.  I'm facing a different issue.  The glitch
> > crashed the frontend, but there was no 5C encryption on the channel.
> > (BTW, I'm assuming by "mfe", you mean mythfrontend.  mfe is a completely
> > different thing around here...)
> >
> >       -Ian
> >
> I've been getting this for a while, apparently not all the firewire boxes send
> good streams, the one I have seems to be one of them, every so often it will
> glitch and the internal player doesn't know what to do, usually it will crash
> the frontend, sometimes I have to kill it manually. libmpeg plays through the
> glitches but is way to slow on my machine to be used as the normal player.
> --
> Steve

I see that all the tickets for 5C encryption have been closed. 
Personally, there are enough people who want to use MythTV with
Firewire 1394 and not all networks 5C all programming, I think this
still makes it an issue [to handle 0 byte firewire streams
gracefully].  I concede there is a usable workaround, but it is not

Some revalant data (to tuner unit) for anyone searching the archive
who wants to validate when channels/broadcasts are 5C.  If a broadcast
has been 5C protected by the cable company, obviously you will not be
able to record it.

To check whether 5C is enabled for a channel on a DCT-6200, 6208, 6412:

    * Start with DCT6412 turned on and connect the firewire cable
between the DCT6412 and your PC
    * Tune to a channel you are interested in recording from
    * Enter DIAGNOSTICS page on the DCT6412 as follows with remote:
Press Cable, Power off, Select, Select
    * Scroll down to: d11 INTERFACE STATUS and then click right arrow
to enter that module
    * In 1394 I/O DEVICE section you should see ACTIVE PORTS=1
(indicating the Firewire connection is active) and look at 5C
IMPLEMENTATION value. If it is something other than 0 this means 5C
protection is enabled and you won't be able to capture that channel
    * To get out of the Status Page click left arrow with remote and
scroll down to EXIT and click Select

There are 2 types of SA3250HD, to check whether 5C is enabled for a
channel depends on the type (try the instructions for one type and if
it doesn't work try the other).

For a SA3250HD with SARA software:
         On the box itself (not using the remote), press and hold the
"+" button for a few seconds, the "envelope" light will come on
blinking. (the + button is the "bulls-eye" in the middle of the 4
"arrow" keys).
         Press the "info" key next
         19 pages of data are available. Use the left / right
navigation keys to move thru pages. Firewire port status is last or
second to last page. SA will show CCI/EMI state rather than use the
"5c" nomenclature. This is shown channel by channel so you must change
channels to check state of the channel of interest

         Quit by pressing the "exit" key on the front panel.

For a SA3205HD with Passport software:
         Go to your diagnostic channel (try 996)
         Press "exit" on the STB, a new screen opens
         Scroll down to 1394, it will display info for the last
channel you tuned to

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