[mythtv] Recstatuses in oldrecorded

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Jan 25 21:39:31 UTC 2006

MythTV wrote:
> #1115: duplicate entries are added to oldrecorded for every time a show is
> broadcast
>  What's the reason for this?  It seems like a waste of database space if
>  the original oldrecorded entry (for when the show was recorded), and has
>  confused at least one person working on a stats module for mythweb (who
>  wan't checking for recstatus=-3).

To clarify, even if a show is stopped and started, server crash,
reactivate, end time changed, stopped in progress, etc. there is
only one entry for a specific showing (time/station/episode).

As in the past, if you recorded a program in Nov then wanted to
see it again and recorded it Dec, there would be two oldrecorded
entries for that episode. Clearing that showing to re-record would
remove all entries that match the episode.

What's new is that we now store the recstatus in the oldrecorded
table. This is most important for server restarts which now use
this information to find if a show was stopped or deleted and should
not be restarted, should have been recording, maybe was rsAborted,

However, gigem's original motive was to keep track of what did and
didn't record, at least for a few days (I set it to 10 days for the
release last night). By having these you can look to see what happened
when something didn't record as expected. Say on Friday you notice
that you don't have a recording for a show you record each Wednesday.
You can look in the Previously Recorded page and find that they showed
a re-run this week or whatever.

We also keep the fact that something was recorded even if the user
chose to allow re-record. By the same token, we mark that someone
chose to 'Never record' an episode without fibbing and saying that
it had been recorded. Therefore, when you look for duplicate episodes,
you should not look for the rsRecorded status but look for the field
oldrecorded.duplicate . If > 0 this should be considered a dup of
a matching episode. "0" means the entry is a record of the status
of the showing only and should not be considered a duplicate.

--  bjm

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