[mythtv] Transcode output utterly garbled?

Peter Henderson peter.henderson at starjar.com
Wed Jan 25 22:01:30 UTC 2006

Dave Just wrote:

>On 8699 and for the last couple of days I'm getting the video of good  
>MPEG2 recordings transcoded to complete garbage --- it looks like  
>multi-coloured static interference patterns!  Has anyone else seen  
I am :-(

I've just transcode a couple of programs I recorded recently, one was 
complete garbage, the other transcoded fine.
Im pretty sure both these recordsing were made using svn 8630 snapshot.

The good program was from Channel 4  and the corrupt one was on ITV2 
both early in the morning on 22 Jan. Im in the UK

I have not changed any transcode/MPEG settings.

My set up is 3 Avermedia 771 DVB-T cards on a amd 64 3200 box. with a 
number of remote client pc's

Guess its time to upgrade to the latest svn and see if its still 
happening, especially on new recordings.


>Not sure if I should report in trac, in case this might be due  
>to some dodgy settings for quality values in the MPEG4 parameters  
>screen.  But it only seems to happen on 4:3 aspect streams and this  
>is now with the "preserve aspect ratio of video" turned *off* but I  
>also had with it switched on (this is experience since ticket #1052  
>was fixed).
>By the way --- a general issue with several of settings parameters  
>like the MPEG4 ones that say things like "do not adjust from the  
>default" is that when you inevitably do, there seems to be no way to  
>easily find out what the default value was.   I lost a port number in  
>mythtv-setup and had to go into the sources to look.  Unless I've  
>completely missed a "reset to default" button, maybe some of the  
>documentation entries in the gui should say what the default is?   
>(I'll write a patch if anyone agrees, although I worry that it would  
>mess up the translations).
>  - Dave.
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