[mythtv] Transcode output utterly garbled?

Dave Just justifiably at cwazy.co.uk
Mon Jan 23 19:38:48 UTC 2006

On 8699 and for the last couple of days I'm getting the video of good  
MPEG2 recordings transcoded to complete garbage --- it looks like  
multi-coloured static interference patterns!  Has anyone else seen  
this?  Not sure if I should report in trac, in case this might be due  
to some dodgy settings for quality values in the MPEG4 parameters  
screen.  But it only seems to happen on 4:3 aspect streams and this  
is now with the "preserve aspect ratio of video" turned *off* but I  
also had with it switched on (this is experience since ticket #1052  
was fixed).

By the way --- a general issue with several of settings parameters  
like the MPEG4 ones that say things like "do not adjust from the  
default" is that when you inevitably do, there seems to be no way to  
easily find out what the default value was.   I lost a port number in  
mythtv-setup and had to go into the sources to look.  Unless I've  
completely missed a "reset to default" button, maybe some of the  
documentation entries in the gui should say what the default is?   
(I'll write a patch if anyone agrees, although I worry that it would  
mess up the translations).

  - Dave.

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