[mythtv] MythTranscode works, cut points not clean though

Geoffrey Hausheer mythtv0368 at phracturedblue.com
Thu Jan 19 20:05:03 UTC 2006

On 1/19/06, Steve Adeff  wrote:
> SVN8625, I've been using MythTranscode with my QAM HDTV mpeg streams, and its
> been working fine, it gets the cutpoints correct and all. The only issue is
> that at the cutpoints the first few frames are blocky, as though it were not
> transcoding these frames or something?
I'd need some more info.  run with -v all
around the cutpoit in question you should see 'Converting ...' and a number.
I'd need:
the full log file
the .yuv files that are generated for the cutpoint in question

I haven't seen any issues with frame corruption recently, myself.


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