[mythtv] add jobs to queue from mythweb

Jason McLeod anakin at sdf1.net
Thu Jan 19 19:38:23 UTC 2006

Has this gone any further?  I was looking to do the exact same thing,  
but my PHP is weak.

My thoughts where actually  around, being able to have a button next  
to the delete button in the recorded list, to queue a user Job.

I currently have a system in place for encoding a feed for my iPod  
Video, and would appreciate a web interface to kick shows I want into  
the queue.


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 > Just wondering if anybody is working this.
 > I've added a userjob to export to small, downloadable, xvid files  
 > nuvexport and it would be nice to kick-off that job from the web- 
 > Looks like adding a job is as easy as inserting a record in the  
 > table with JobStatus = QUEUED
 > (http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/81371? 

There are things I want to add to nuvexport before I add this to
mythweb. My goal is to put the full nuvexport UI into mythweb, and set
nuvexport up to be jobqueue-aware.

 > . I could hack something together for my needs, starting a specific
 > userjob. I guess it would be nicer to be able to select what job you
 > want to run for a specific recording (com. flagging, transcode,
 > different user jobs with their description.....) from a new page, but
 > that is certainly beyond my php knowledge.

As for other jobs, adding checkboxes and a "schedule job" button to the
recording page, which would then bring you to a page with job details
would be an ok addition. My original idea was to do it shopping-cart
style, so you wouldn't have to show "all" recordings if you wanted to
pick multiple show titles.

Anyway, it deserves some thought -- definitely more than something
hacked together.


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