[mythtv] Mythbackend UPnP server?

David Blain MythTv at TheBlains.net
Thu Jan 19 04:35:08 UTC 2006

> > 7) Open issues:
> >
> > One thing that I don't have time to implement that is 
> needed for off 
> > the shelf devices to work is an implementation of a 
> standard transport stream.
> > I was thinking RTSP/RTP.
> >
> Doesn't UPnP just define HTTP GET as the current method for 
> this?  From what I've seen after doing some network sniffing, 
> our D-Link UPnP Media Renderer does HTTP GETs when grabbing files.
> ~Lou

The method used to access the resources (videos, ...) is based on which
<res> elements are listed in the CDS response and which of those the client
knows how to access.

The least common denominator is usually http, however, if we implement
RTP/RTSP I think the support for streaming would be a richer experience
(assuming a server controlled stream) that would allow the use of commercial
cut points and other advanced features.  (I still need to research the
details to make sure I understand the features of the protocol).

HTTP is what I am planning as the first protocol, to make sure everything is
working correctly.  I listed RTP as an open issue in my previous e-mail,
since it's something I know I will not have time to address for some time to

David B.

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