[mythtv] Feature req: multiple recordings, also Where are feature requests supposed to go?

f-myth-users@media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Wed Jan 18 22:40:45 UTC 2006

    > Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 10:39:30 +1300
    > From: Corrin Lakeland <lakeland at go.org.nz>

    > Sorry about posting this to -dev, but I couldn't find anywhere more 
    > appropriate... If someone sends me a link to an appropriate wiki page, I 
    > could add it there? or to trac?

For some reason, feature requests for Myth aren't tracked;
attempts to enter them into Trac will cause them to be closed.
There is a somewhat-organized wiki page with many of them at 

[At some point, I may go through that page and attempt to clean it up;
I've already done a little, but there's a lot there.  It might also be
nice to add some tracking-like information to requests, like "who's
said they want this feature?" so we can find orphaned requests nobody
cares about any more, or requests that seem to have enormous numbers
of people champing at the bit for 'em, or so it's possible to ask "is
this what you meant?" about a given suggestion.  At some point, I or
someone else should perhaps get a discussion going on what would be
most useful to improve the utility of that page.]

    > Feature request: recording the same channel twice shouldn't result in a 
    > conflict.  It should be possible to copy the mpeg stream from the other 
    > recording.

I agree.  I've requested this feature, as have others, and a few days
ago cleaned up its description on the page above; currently it's the
second bullet under "Backend Addons", if I understand what you want
to have happen.

Note that for this to work presumably requires more than copying the
bits to two places---it also requires the scheduler to understand that
this can happen, and act appropriately.  I'm guessing that that might
actually be the hardest part of this to get right.

(There may actually be someone who's said that they're considering
working on this, but I no longer recall who.)

    > Details: NZ television timings are not particularly accurate, something 
    > finishing at 4PM will finish 'sometime around 4', which means I make 
    > extensive use of the 'start 10 mins early, finish 10 mins late' feature.  
    > That all works well except when I have another program being recorded 
    > afterwards.  In that case, it should be possible to record both without a 
    > conflict by simply duplicating some content within myth.

    > Anyway, I'm only running 18.1, so if this feature is in svn, that might be 
    > enough reason to upgrade :)

It's not in SVN either.

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