[mythtv] Feature req: multiple recordings, also Where are feature requests supposed to go?

Corrin Lakeland lakeland at go.org.nz
Wed Jan 18 21:39:30 UTC 2006

Sorry about posting this to -dev, but I couldn't find anywhere more 
appropriate... If someone sends me a link to an appropriate wiki page, I 
could add it there? or to trac?

Feature request: recording the same channel twice shouldn't result in a 
conflict.  It should be possible to copy the mpeg stream from the other 

Details: NZ television timings are not particularly accurate, something 
finishing at 4PM will finish 'sometime around 4', which means I make 
extensive use of the 'start 10 mins early, finish 10 mins late' feature.  
That all works well except when I have another program being recorded 
afterwards.  In that case, it should be possible to record both without a 
conflict by simply duplicating some content within myth.

Anyway, I'm only running 18.1, so if this feature is in svn, that might be 
enough reason to upgrade :)


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