[mythtv] channel.channum too narrow

Tony Brummett brummett at gmail.com
Wed Jan 18 18:47:53 UTC 2006

On 1/18/06, Tom E. Craddock Jr. <sigtom at sigtom.com> wrote:
> Tony Brummett wrote:
> > [...]  Making that column 6 characters wide
> > seemed to fix the problem for me.
> #1 Is this against SVN and if so, which version?

It's against svn as of this morning, version 8641.  I initially was
trying out version 8501 (I think) and did an update this morning to
see if it had been fixed yet.

> #2 Can you make the columns 8 strings long? I get channel #s that are
> 1008_608, 1008_609 for example.
> My suggestion is that you open a ticket on trac (at svn.mythtv.org) and
> post your patch there so that a dev will review/note/(hopefully) apply
> it to SVN Head.

I don't see any problem with making it 8 chars wide, at least in the
database.  Do you (anyone?) happen to know if the c++ code assummes
it's any particular length?  It's working OK for me, and I didn't see
anything inside the libmythtv directory that uses it as a fixed length
string, but I'm not all that familliar with the code at this point.

I'll go ahead and open a ticket for it.

-- Tony

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