[mythtv] XvMC studdering

Mark Spieth mark at dclabs.com.au
Wed Jan 18 05:14:01 UTC 2006

> On Tuesday 17 January 2006 22:52, Andy Foster wrote:
>> Just wanted to share my experiences and see if anybody was in the same
>> place as me.
>> When seeking, video/audio stutter for about 2-3 seconds. After that,
>> playback is fine. As mentioned in other threads, it seems to be related 
>> to
>> the osd as if I hit seek/esc quickly in succession it does not appear to
>> happen.

what needs to be done is to open the audiooutput device in pause mode (not 
and pause audio until sufficient video is available for seek (this may be 
done but havent looked yet).
this should eliminate the annoying startup blip.
Ill look into this after the AC3 passthru stuff is done.

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