[mythtv] mythtv-0.18.1-showacpitemperature.patch - show ACPI temp in MythWeb-backendstatus

Robert Zwerus arzie at dds.nl
Mon Jan 16 16:23:27 UTC 2006

On Monday 16 January 2006 10:35, Christian Höhle wrote:
> Cool, but thermal_zone is empty for me, too :-( What about using values
You don't know if it's cool :-P.

> from lm_sensors? Should be easy to read either and is able to provide
> much more info on most systems (different thermal zones, fan speed,
> voltages...)
I'll look into it, but if somebody else wants to give it a try, be my guest. I 
don't have a lot of time at the moment and ACPI works for me ;-).
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