[mythtv] XvMC studdering

Matt skd5aner at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 03:57:12 UTC 2006

On 1/15/06, Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> wrote:
> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> > I'm working on testing some XvMC support for my GeForce MX 440 card in
> > anticipation of trying HD recording and playback and I've built my
> > master backend frontend with XvMC and OpenGL Vsync now and I'm trying to
> > playback some MPEG-2 content which normally plays back just fine on this
> > system without XvMC but I'm getting very studdery playback.
> >
> Just an update.  I updated to the latest SVN and the segfault is gone
> and I get solid XvMC playback with or without OpenGL Vsync.  Thanks for
> bearing with me.  I wonder if I was hitting that XvMC segfault that
> Daniel fixed.  Either way it works.  Now I need to wrestle with whether
> or not to pick up an Avermedia HDTV tuner to pull the QAM stations off
> my cable provider.  So tempting with the "big football game coming" :)
> Kevin


   Thanks for posting this info.  I've never been able to get XvMC to
play without studdering, and that's with NTSC standard def.  I haven't
tried it in a long time, but when I get a chance, I'll try again with
latest SVN and let you know how it works for me.


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