[mythtv] Failed recording marked recorded anyway

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Fri Jan 13 22:20:50 UTC 2006

Bruce Markey wrote:
> I was all psyched up to answer your question but you didn't ask one.
> So is this just a complaint that you're not going to lift a finger
> to do anything about and just brow beat the people who spent hundreds
> of man hours creating what you have so far that you downloaded for free?
> Joseph, you should know better. I'll try to answer the questions you
> should have asked.
It seems to me that the obvious question he pseudo-asked is: Why does 
Myth mark a recording as recorded if the tuner failed to tune to the 
channel and nothing was recorded?  He probably surmises that it would be 
better behavior for it *not* to mark it as recorded so that the 
scheduler can re-record either on another tuner (perhaps immediately if 
the tuner is available) or at a later showing without intervention. 


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