[mythtv] mythmusic feature request: browse by album

Ben Suffolk ben at vanilla.net
Fri Jan 13 19:45:36 UTC 2006

> Hello,
> One thing I've been missing in mythmusic is the ability to browse by
> albums. Using the browser "Artists (A B C D E)" etc.. makes it a bit
> difficult to find what you want when you're about to play a  
> compilation
> album. If it was possible to browse by albums aswell as artist, music
> selection would be more convenient.
> Best regards
> Rickard Borgmäster

Hi Rickard,

You can do this instead of by artist. Go into the setup -> media  
settings -> music settings -> general settings and you will see a  
field called tree sorting, make album the first in the list and then  
you will be able to select by album. (Maybe you knew that since you  
used the word aswell in your original post)

What would be really nice would be to have it iPod style so instead  
of selecting just one list for tree sorting you could have something  
along the lines of :-

All Music

I guess this could be done in setup like directory, by having a  
single keyword instead of the list, so that way you could still  
select a specific order if you wanted.


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