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Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 12 14:18:33 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 11 January 2006 22:18, Jim Westfall wrote:
> Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote [01.11.06]:
> > the problem is that you can't control how the dct62xx comes up, some will
> > allow for broadcast connection, some will only work with p2p.  I have it
> > setup as a firewire capture card, Cable Box Model DCT-6200, Connection
> > Type Point to Point, Port 0, Node 2.
> >
> > I can't enable bcast(it never =1), here's my plugreport:
> I would suggest trying the following.  Set the connection type to be
> broadcast in mythtv.  Then reboot both your box and dct-6200 to make sure
> the firewire stuff is all clean.  Dont issue do any plugctl commands when
> its back up.
> run 'test-mpeg2 -r 2 > test.ts' over and over until you get output. once
> you get output stop test-mpeg2 then attempt to watch livetv in myth. If
> livetv works you should be all set. If not, you will need to repeat the
> test-mpeg2 process until it does. It will usually take me a few (less then
> 10) tries to get it in a working state.
> This process should only be required if you reboot your box or dct-6200.
> basicly a cut/paste from 'Debugging Unreliable DCT-6200 Recording' thread
> on the -dev list from a few months back.
> jim

1) powered down Myth
2) unplugged cablebox power and firewire cable
3) turned Myth box back on
4) plugged cablebox power and firewire in to computer
waited for system to finish booting
5) run test-mpeg2 -r 2
	output received on first attempt
6) run live TV
 	worked on first attempt.

my plugreport:
Host Adapter 0

Node 0 GUID 0x00004c0100004366
libiec61883 error: error reading oMPR
libiec61883 error: error reading iMPR

Node 1 GUID 0x6643000000004366
libiec61883 error: error reading oMPR
libiec61883 error: error reading iMPR

Node 2 GUID 0x000e5cfffed720aa
oMPR n_plugs=1, data_rate=2, bcast_channel=63
oPCR[0] online=1, bcast_connection=0, n_p2p_connections=0
        channel=63, data_rate=2, overhead_id=0, payload=376
iMPR n_plugs=0, data_rate=2

I'm getting A LOT of mpeg pixelation on the HD channels, which I wasn't 
getting last night that is not showing on the Component output. 

I have already had 1 channel mischange.

I'll let you know when I encounter when the box stops streaming to the pc.


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