[mythtv] add to Trac?

Jim Westfall jwestfall at surrealistic.net
Thu Jan 12 03:18:27 UTC 2006

Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote [01.11.06]:
> the problem is that you can't control how the dct62xx comes up, some will 
> allow for broadcast connection, some will only work with p2p.  I have it 
> setup as a firewire capture card, Cable Box Model DCT-6200, Connection Type 
> Point to Point, Port 0, Node 2.
> I can't enable bcast(it never =1), here's my plugreport:

I would suggest trying the following.  Set the connection type to be 
broadcast in mythtv.  Then reboot both your box and dct-6200 to make sure 
the firewire stuff is all clean.  Dont issue do any plugctl commands when 
its back up.

run 'test-mpeg2 -r 2 > test.ts' over and over until you get output. once
you get output stop test-mpeg2 then attempt to watch livetv in myth. If
livetv works you should be all set. If not, you will need to repeat the
test-mpeg2 process until it does. It will usually take me a few (less then 
10) tries to get it in a working state.

This process should only be required if you reboot your box or dct-6200.  

basicly a cut/paste from 'Debugging Unreliable DCT-6200 Recording' thread 
on the -dev list from a few months back.


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