[mythtv] DBOX2 LiveTV troubles (latest SVN)

John C cold at confusi0n.net
Tue Jan 10 19:35:00 UTC 2006

Hi, just wondered if anyone has been having trouble getting LiveTV to
work with a dbox2 as the source. backend is changing the channels on
the dbox fine, and recording is also working, but whenever i switch to
livetv i get the following error:

2006-01-10 19:23:27.260 TVRec(1) Error: Channel: '1' was not found in
the database. Most likely, your DefaultTVChannel setting is wrong.
                        Could not start livetv.

This is despite the fact that DefaultTVChannel actually contains the
value '2'. I've also tried a plethora of other values to no avail. 

If this is a problem across the board then thats fine; i'll just wait
until a later svn release. But if its just me, does anybody have any
idea what might be going wrong? Mythtv grabs the feed fine for
recording, it just doesn't like livetv. 

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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