[mythtv] OSX backend beta test

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Mon Jan 9 16:52:41 UTC 2006

I, myself, have a Mac Mini frontend using OSX and have MythTV SVN 
working fine on there (finally!) - playback is fine and I'm happy with 
it but then again I'm using standard PAL and don't use any of the 
plugins.  I know I won't be able to contribute even tho I really want 
to, but just piping up to show that there's someone out there who wants 
a OSX frontend.

In fact, I've got an G4 550MHz and it struggles badly playing back the 
video.  Of course, the processor is on an ancient G3 motherboard which 
might explain it.  Surprises me somewhat as my friend has a G4 450MHz 
which gives more or less the same performance but I do keep in mind that 
her G4 is a full G4 while mine's just an upgrade.

I'm pretty sure there's a fair few people out there who wants to use an 
OSX frontend - my main computer and one of my frontends uses OSX and I 
much rather use OSX than using Linux - installing the frontend is brain 
dead simple - just drag and drop to install, run it and change the 
database settings and it works.  Compare that with installing Linux on 
the Mac, installing MythTV and so on.  Also my main computer is a Mac 
using OSX like I said before - I don't want to dual boot just to watch 
MythTV if you get my meaning?

Cheers - Piers

> Is anyone else motivated to get these things ported?  Just wondering
> whether there is likely to be much momentum around a more
> comprehensive MacOS port or if I'm mostly alone in the wilderness...

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