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John Watson jgw2001 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 13:41:06 UTC 2006

Hi All.

I'm new to this mailing list and i would like to thnk the developers for
such a fantastic product. I have been thinking of developing or starting a
number of project of the Myth TV on developing MythTV into a fully
opensource IPTV product however there are many legal discussions that need
to take place.

Broadband has taken off and in the UK the average broadband speed is nearly
2mbs with 8mbs being the norm with in the next 12 months, already major
broadcasters (in the UK) such as BT , BskyB and others are planing to role
out IPTV. I my self took part in a BBC trial www.bbc.co.uk/imp which allows
you to watch any BBC program that has been broadcasted over the last week.
ITV has also conducted similar trials.

However what makes make annoyed is that there is no 'freedom', for example
these new services are only limited to the UK with similar services in other
countries being limited to those countries, for example if there is a US
based program, this would be unavailable to the UK and vice verse. These so
called IPTV services will be controlled by big corporations and they will
have the right to decide on the contents that is being provided, we will end
of with multiple iptv standards all compatible with each other.

Some of the ideas I'm about to suggest may have be suggested before however
due to legal reasons they have been put off, however here are the
suggestions for the IPTV project,

                          1) Programs recorded, available to other users.
                          2) When the IPTV not in use, if  bandwidth
available, IPTV available to be watched live by another user, example some
one in the America wanting to watch the bbc.
                          3) Standard frame work for users to pay for
program or for vendors to sell subscription services to users.
                          4) Support for standard IP streaming and a list of
channels or VOD contents controlled by the open source community,  similar
to the open directory service. http://dmoz.org

For 1 & 2 there are legal issues to consider however other ideas -
                        1) Limit the recording to approved channels only.
                        2) Contents deleted automatically after a week.
                        3) Use of a a DRM technology to help protect vendors
or encourage vendors to supply contents via the open source IPTV project.
                        4) Use of the freenet technology instead of torrents
to protect users privacy or restrict media controls.

The idea is simple, is to offer an open source service that would offer
users an alternative to those other so called IPTV corps with out the media
controls or boundary restrictions.

John Watson.
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