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Michael Freeman mlfreeman at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:29:22 UTC 2006

i don't know why i would presume i couldn't...but if that consistency is
indeed present that far across myth, then it's a good thing.
here's another idea: use a bonjour-style library to support scanning for
backends / master backends.
basically, each install of myth would have a "serial number" generated
somehow...and when a frontend or a slave backend was setup, you'd choose to
scan for backends...broadcast packet goes out, master backends respond.
on startup or something like mid-stream connection loss, query packet for
master/slave backend #123456ABCDEF goes out and that backend responds with
its current IP.
think about it..."scan for channels", so "scan for backends".

this would allow myth to exist on all-dhcp networks.

and it would have saved me frustration when i first set up my backend...at
first, the machine had a dhcp ip...but one night i was watching tv and it
froze...after a few frustrating hours (most of which involved running back
and forth between another tv so i could poke at the problem during ad
breaks), i found out that the dhcp lease expired mid-show and my home router
assigned the backend a new ip

On 1/9/06, Greg Estabrooks <greg at phaze.org> wrote:
> > hit d to remove an individual card?
> > i'm running a less-than-a-month-old version of svn and i saw no sign
> that
> > you could do that.
> Why would you assume that you couldn't ?  'D' deletes recordings,
> video sources, inputs/cards and god knows what elses in the various menus.
> Just like 'I' brings up the info on most menus and 'M' brings up a menu of
> items like Edit and delete on almost all lists.
> > could documentation be another area to look at?
> I'm sure there are many improvments that can be made in the docs
> One thing that might be useful is a '?' popup screen showing the valid
> Keyboard commands for a given menu/screen.
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