[mythtv] MythTV Usability Report

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Mon Jan 9 12:12:16 UTC 2006

> hit d to remove an individual card?
> i'm running a less-than-a-month-old version of svn and i saw no sign that
> you could do that. 

 Why would you assume that you couldn't ?  'D' deletes recordings, 
video sources, inputs/cards and god knows what elses in the various menus.

 Just like 'I' brings up the info on most menus and 'M' brings up a menu of
items like Edit and delete on almost all lists.

> could documentation be another area to look at?

 I'm sure there are many improvments that can be made in the docs

 One thing that might be useful is a '?' popup screen showing the valid 
Keyboard commands for a given menu/screen. 

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