[mythtv] OSX backend beta test

David Abrahams dave at boost-consulting.com
Sun Jan 8 02:56:11 UTC 2006

Okay, I got it working, as far as I can tell; the patch against this
morning's source (Version 8516) is enclosed.


* The packager copies a bunch of huge .svn directories containing .png
  files into the applications.  The enclosed packager script still
  contains the RecursiveCopy routine that tries (unsucessfully) to
  undo the damage.  This issue is still unresolved.

* As noted in numerous places in my patch, the project's use of 

    #define always_inline

  is problematic.  That practice should end; for now it's worked
  around through careful management of #include order and a
  strategically-placed #undef always_inline

* You need Apple's FirewireSDK20 installed in its default location in
  order to build.

* The changes I made in mythcontext.cpp were the only way I could get
  commercial flagging to work.  Otherwise the prefix path that gets
  used is somewhere in the build disk image.  The change in
  jobqueue.cpp was half-finished and I'm not sure that it's necessary
  at all, but when the backend stopped complaining about not being
  able to launch the flagger I figured, "why mess with success?"

* Unless you know you have distcc working, you may need to uncomment
  the '--disable-distcc' line in the packager script.

* You also might want to swap the activation of these two lines in the

   #    &Syscall([ '/usr/bin/make' ]) or die;
        &Syscall([ '/usr/bin/make -j5' ]) or die;

* In the packager script the bug that causes the script to fail has
  been resolved, but I commented out the line that unmounts the disk
  image because it was more convenient for development.

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