[mythtv] Anyone got a moment to put a couple of trivial patches

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Fri Jan 6 01:46:28 UTC 2006

> > RE: 941, I think the concensus was to not put things like .spec files
> > in SVN, but I'll let others comment on that.
> -1	I guess the real problem with .spec files are
> that they are high maintenance, and it is a lot of
> activity for the developers to keep checking in
> changes to keep them up to date with the source.
> +1	By the same token, though, I checked in the
> Mac OS X packaging script, because I was sick of
> there being several different versions out there
> that were all subtly different.
> +2	Having things like this in a dir like contrib
> means that people don't have to start from scratch.

-10   Isaac doesn't want stuff like this in there. :)


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