[mythtv] USB dvb card: recent issues (inc spurious insertion of channels)

Dave Just justifiably at cwazy.co.uk
Thu Jan 5 16:17:58 UTC 2006

>>   -- Playback of LiveTV and recordings has become jittery in last
>> week of updates: hitting pause and resuming usually fixes.
>> Recording works well LiveTV is still quite badly behaved, sometimes
>> succeeding in tuning channels and sometimes not.  I'm not sure how
>> much of this is to be expected and how much might be due to my
>> particular card and driver version (in 2.6.14).
> Are you using an NVidia card? and if so have you just updated to
> the 8178 driver? If so then try going back to 7676 and this behaviour
> may well go away.

Thanks for the suggestion -- I am indeed using NVidia and 8178.  I've  
tried reverting and it does fix the initial jitter on playback for  
standard mpeg2 decoding --- although I had been using 8178 without  
seeing this problem for some time so I still wonder what caused this  
to appear (I'm tracking svn to within a day or so).

For XvMC hardware decoding I still get jittery sound but it seems  
more often on wide-screen format streams than 4:3.  The extra audio  
buffering setting definitely makes a difference, I wonder if there is  
a way of adjusting the amount of extra to experiment?  (NB: XvMC has  
always been like this for me, this isn't a result of recent changes).

  - Dave

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