[mythtv] USB dvb card: recent issues (inc spurious insertion of channels)

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Thu Jan 5 14:44:10 UTC 2006

In message <C5A3FFCD-924E-46E2-A264-4BCC0115C81E at cwazy.co.uk>
        Dave Just <justifiably at cwazy.co.uk> wrote:

>   -- Playback of LiveTV and recordings has become jittery in last
> week of updates: hitting pause and resuming usually fixes.
> Recording works well LiveTV is still quite badly behaved, sometimes
> succeeding in tuning channels and sometimes not.  I'm not sure how
> much of this is to be expected and how much might be due to my
> particular card and driver version (in 2.6.14).

Are you using an NVidia card? and if so have you just updated to
the 8178 driver? If so then try going back to 7676 and this behaviour
may well go away.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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