[mythtv] USB dvb card: recent issues (inc spurious insertion of channels)

John Pullan john.pullan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 14:36:29 UTC 2006

On 05/01/06, Dave Just <justifiably at cwazy.co.uk> wrote:
> I have a Cinergy T2 USB dvb-t device in UK, unfortunately there are
> still a few mis-behaviours in current svn (8506).
>   -- Spurious insertion of channels: I'm seeing two channels (already
> in my channel list) repeatedly added automatically as if Myth thinks
> they aren't already there, over several days I can end up with
> numerous copies of each one.  I think this happened even with disable-
> eit in configure.  Anyone else have this?

I thought that particular bit of code in the backend had been disabled.
You're not running mythfilldatabase are you ? (could be completely wrong
about that though)

  -- Full scan sometimes picks up transports from a further away
> transmitter, with poor signal levels, and these get selected over the
> stronger ones (perhaps simply because they are found later).  I had
> to manually delete the transports in the database to fix this: some
> way of deleting transports in mythsetup might be handy. (At first I
> thought these unreliable signals might cause the problem noted above,
> but now I have cleaned up the transport list I think not).

Channel Setup -> Advanced -> "Menu Key" -> Delete option. Assuming it still

  -- Playback of LiveTV and recordings has become jittery in last
> week of updates: hitting pause and resuming usually fixes.
> Recording works well LiveTV is still quite badly behaved, sometimes
> succeeding in tuning channels and sometimes not.  I'm not sure how
> much of this is to be expected and how much might be due to my
> particular card and driver version (in 2.6.14).

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