[mythtv] USB dvb card: recent issues (inc spurious insertion of channels)

Dave Just justifiably at cwazy.co.uk
Thu Jan 5 14:28:55 UTC 2006

I have a Cinergy T2 USB dvb-t device in UK, unfortunately there are  
still a few mis-behaviours in current svn (8506).

  -- Spurious insertion of channels: I'm seeing two channels (already  
in my channel list) repeatedly added automatically as if Myth thinks  
they aren't already there, over several days I can end up with  
numerous copies of each one.  I think this happened even with disable- 
eit in configure.  Anyone else have this?

  -- Full scan sometimes picks up transports from a further away  
transmitter, with poor signal levels, and these get selected over the  
stronger ones (perhaps simply because they are found later).  I had  
to manually delete the transports in the database to fix this: some  
way of deleting transports in mythsetup might be handy. (At first I  
thought these unreliable signals might cause the problem noted above,  
but now I have cleaned up the transport list I think not).

  -- Playback of LiveTV and recordings has become jittery in last  
week of updates: hitting pause and resuming usually fixes.    
Recording works well LiveTV is still quite badly behaved, sometimes  
succeeding in tuning channels and sometimes not.  I'm not sure how  
much of this is to be expected and how much might be due to my  
particular card and driver version (in 2.6.14).

Sorry this is a heads-up rather than fully useful bug reports with  
test cases, which is why I'm posting here rather than making tickets  
in trac.  Maybe someone can pick up or ask me to investigate further  
if it seems useful.

  - Dave

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