[mythtv] What distros do myth developers build on?

Adam Egger mythtv2005 at bdam.de
Thu Jan 5 14:24:28 UTC 2006

On 1/5/06, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Not really a developer, but I do run SVN since I use HDTV and DVB heavily. I
> run Debian from a Kanotix base, its what I had on my desktop/server and
> laptop so it was easy for me to start with. I'm running regular packages from
> Debian Sarge and Sarge/Backports and compiled the firewire libraries myself.
> I just built 8501 without issue.

Yeah, also Kanotix here with daily Debian Sid dist-upgrades and daily
Myth updates from svn.
I think lots of the devs use either Ubuntu or Debian.

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