[mythtv] Anyone got a moment to put a couple of trivial patches

Buzz buzz at oska.com
Thu Jan 5 05:52:42 UTC 2006

> > Anyone got a moment to apply a couple of trivial patches 
> into SVN?   .. Or
> > should I just let them be gotten to whenever someone feels like it? 
> > 
> Normally it's whenever someone gets around to looking at it.

Thanks for getting round to looking at it.

> RE: 936, none of the other plugins explicitly have 
> -L$${PREFIX}/lib or -L/usr/local/lib yet they are able to 
> link against libmyth correctly, are you sure mythbrowser even 
> needs that line at all?

No, I'm not sure it needs it, but I AM sure that when installed to something
other than /usr/local, it doesn't need /usr/local
I err-ed on the side of minimal change, as impact-analysis of library
linkages isn't a strong-point.

> RE: 938, committed this minus the comments since the commands 
> for allowing remote access are already covered more 
> extensively in both the HOWTO and other places.

Thanks and fair-enough.

> RE: 941, I think the concensus was to not put things like 
> .spec files in SVN, but I'll let others comment on that.

Even if it's specifically to do with SVN?   


Personally, I see the benefits of going further and fully integrating the
RPM building process into the 'make' process, so that you could do a 'make
rpm' (or even a 'make deb' or 'make pkg') as the end-point of the build
process.  Makes the standardisation/management of installed files WAY
easier.... And backing-out an install/upgrade as simple as 'rpm -e'.   

In-fact, if anyone else (other than me) would like to see that too,
speak-up, and I'll see what I can do. :-)


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