[mythtv] Mythweb cookie settings

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Jan 2 02:47:32 EST 2006

> No .. cookies are only visible to the sites that set them, irrespective of the 
> domain setting used in php. The browser will, by default, use the domainname 
> of the server which set the cookie. The domain setting in PHP is largely used 
> to allow cookies to be set to specific subdomains. OR I've been labouring 
> under the wrong information for years!

I've never heard of browsers setting domains for cookies automatically. 
  But why not just configure the cookie to point to the IP and call it 
good?  If they do this, it makes it impossible to set a 
cross-site/global cookie (which sites used to do back in the early days 
of cookies, particularly for ad-tracking -- dunno if they do anymore).

But I may be wrong here, it's been a LONG time since I've read the 
cookie spec.

> It's a local domain/hostname, the cookie isn't set but echo'ing the 
> server_name global var shows the correct value.

what is the actual domain?  TLD cookies (eg .localdomain or .com) don't 
work, you need at least 2 parts.  Maybe this is what's messing up the 
cookie setting?

If the cookie isn't even getting set, then you likely have your browser 
set to ignore cookies "not from the originating server" which means that 
the domain you use to access mythweb is not the same as the one it's 
using to set the cookie.


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