[mythtv] Mythweb cookie settings

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Sun Jan 1 17:00:10 EST 2006

On Sunday 01 Jan 2006 21:01, Chris Petersen wrote:
> path shouldn't hurt..  the cookie spec says that "anything under" the
> path is how it's supposed to work, so setting the path to / is the
> global way to deal with cookies so they'll work anywhere within the
> specified domain.

Ah .. my mistake. In the past I had problems with setting the path, in the 
majority of cases these days I've left it out.

> > I have mythweb installed in a mythweb subdir. Removing the path/domain
> > from session_set_cookie_params works just fine here.
> If you remove the domain, you create a cookie that any site can see.

No .. cookies are only visible to the sites that set them, irrespective of the 
domain setting used in php. The browser will, by default, use the domainname 
of the server which set the cookie. The domain setting in PHP is largely used 
to allow cookies to be set to specific subdomains. OR I've been labouring 
under the wrong information for years!

> Personally, I don't like that idea.  I've run mythweb from subdirs (I
> tested up to 3 levels deep) and it works fine.

> If you're having issues, it's most likely the domain setup, not the
> path.  What domain are you using to access mythweb?  and what domain is
> it setting the cookie for?

It's a local domain/hostname, the cookie isn't set but echo'ing the 
server_name global var shows the correct value.
Stuart Morgan

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