[mythtv] User Jobs

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sun Jan 1 16:03:55 EST 2006

> My understanding is that UserJob run once after a recording is finished.
> Has any one considered allowing UserJobs to be run at different times per recording?
> eg: Each UserJob have these options: (each individually selectable)
>      Run at Start of recording    (so I can run MythLink)
>      Run at end of recording         (as it does now)
>      Run when recording is deleted    (so I can run MythLink again)
> and pass the parameters to the script as it does now.

This hasn't itched anybody enough to scratch it.  For the mythlink case,
why not just run it from a cronjob if you want it that frequently?

> Each user job should have a default setting so it can be set on/off for each recording as well as 
> being overridable per recording.

Already works this way.  You turn jobs on/off for each scheduled recording.

> ( or are you going to tell me its already been done ?)

Not unless someone submits a patch for it.  I didn't have a need for it when
I wrote the JobQueue and don't have one now so someone else would have to
code it up.


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