[mythtv] User Jobs

Darryl Merritt - MythTV Dev mythtv at djm.dbme.net.au
Sun Jan 1 05:23:52 EST 2006

Thanks for the pointer to mythlink..

My understanding is that UserJob run once after a recording is finished.

Has any one considered allowing UserJobs to be run at different times per recording?

eg: Each UserJob have these options: (each individually selectable)

     Run at Start of recording    (so I can run MythLink)
     Run at end of recording         (as it does now)
     Run when recording is deleted    (so I can run MythLink again)

and pass the parameters to the script as it does now.

Each user job should have a default setting so it can be set on/off for each recording as well as 
being overridable per recording.

For Example:
User Job 1: runs at the start and deletion of every recording to run 'MythLink'
User Job 2: for transcoding or commercial flagging at the end of the recording.

I'm sure there are other possibilities here..

( or are you going to tell me its already been done ?)


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