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Thu Feb 23 20:31:07 UTC 2006

- schedule recordings
- actually record based on that schedule
- playback those recordings

good job - that's the core of any PVR, not just Myth.

However, to claim you've written a replacement for MythTV, and you
have to answer a few more questions...

- how do you commerical flag? (trust me, one of the NUMBER one
appreciated features of myth, esp in the WAF)
- how do you handle remote control input (again, see WAF)
- have a nice OSD during playback showing useful things like time
left, length of program etc?
- how do you integrate with existing guide data? zap2it, XMLTV etc? (see WA=

I could go on and on (as could the developers) but you see what I mean....

What nobody else has said yet, is also thus:

Bad Form. If things in MythTV really bugged you that much, why not get
involved helping to solve the problem? Get involved with the
developers. Offer suggestions, make yourself useful. Tear through the
code, take an open ticket and find the problem, submit your fix. The
way you went about is just immature and in bad form. But I'm sure you
already knew that.

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